Eulipia Network
A personal website for the Eulipian in all of us.


What's New?

Keeping busy, having fun, enjoying life...

What is Eulipia Network?

In a nutshell, it's a personal website; an extension of my home network, so to speak, and my voice into the ether of the Internet. Eulipia is taken from a song by Rahsaan Roland Kirk (1936-1977), a renowned jazz musician. Kirk's Eulipians are artists, actors, journeymen, and traveler's --which I humbly consider myself to be in my own way. Welcome to my world.

Where is Eulipia Network?

My Eulipia is the NYC/Tri-state area. It's a comfortable triplex apartment, fully wired for high-speed networking. It is also home to a small music studio. It's modestly appointed, but comfortable.

Who is the Proprietor?

Well... a musician and seeker of knowledge, truth, and beauty. I also love to ferret out cool places to hang and things to do with my friends. I have a B.S. in Computer Science and an M.A. in Educational Technology from New Jersey City University. I continue working at the University, as Assistant Director in the Department of Information Technology. I spend most of my free time playing music and enjoying the arts and sciences with fellow Eulipians!

What's in this Website?

This website an online diary, of sorts (with zero advertising), optimized for the viewing pleasure of my friends and family (and the occasional student who happens to find the link here from my faculty website). The top navigation bar represents the main topics of this website. The site is a rabbit's hole of pages, a tree hierachy.. If you get lost, use the nav menu at the top of most pages to go back to the beginning of a topic. Sub-topics generally link to the parent topic.

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--Resident Eulipian

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