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Still playing music with the usual suspects. (You know who you are.)

Other Projects

As Eulipian's tend to do, there's always several projects (musical and otherwise) going on. Of course, this website is one of them. Then there's the...

Personal Recording Studio

The recording studio is complete --and finally functional.

With all my computer experience, I don't presume to know much. What I do know is that getting hardware and software to play nice together can be a daunting task without help. So, I've joined the Cubase User Forum, which apparently is the only way to get help. Here are some issues I ran across while putting it all together

Trouble Integrating Edirol FA-66 Dual Channel Audio brick & Cubase on a Dell
More success with Edirol UA-25 Dual Channel Audio brick & Cubase
The new Alesis MuliMix8 10 Channel Audio Mixer & Cubase

Other projects in the works:

  • Updating websites (ongoing)
  • Conversion of the second bedroom into a study (in progress, slowly)
  • Telecommunications rewiring (stalled)
  • Plant Carrousel (pending)
  • Sprucing up the Apartment (in progress, sort of)
  • Rebuild Studio Computer (pending)
  • and the list goes on...

Previous Projects

I have always loved working with wood, playing music, and have lots of other interests. Consequently, there have been many projects - large and small - in the past. Maybe I'll post them someday... OK, maybe one right now...

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