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Project: Computer Cabinet & Matching Case

This is my most recent carpentry project, completed August 17, 2003. It took four weekends. The first to plan and CAD, the second to cut and assemble, the third to sand and paint, and the fourth to polish and install

Picture1: I decided to install my video work- station tucked away, in my little room under the basement stairs. Picture 2: Actually quite cosy. The desk is from Ikea. The case to the left, holds the VCR and has space for another two computers.
Picture 3: The cabinet on the right, stores the printer (top), scanner, communications hardware (shelf below scanner), laptop drawer (below the Comm shelf), a computer and a 1000 watt UPS. Picture 4: The house data and cable patch panel is behind the printer shelf, on the wall. (That was last summer's project.) The patch cords are fed through the back of the cabinet to the Comm Shelf.
  Picture 5: So here's my new workspace. The scanner and paper tray used to be on the desk. I have so much more space now. It's finally done... Now, back to my schoolwork!  
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