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Issue: Can't record input signal from Edirol FA-66 (part II)

It turned out, Edirol support was right. It was a hardware issue. The damn device simply did not work with my computer. The solution? I bought a USB audio card. It works perfectly with the hardware/software. Oddly enough, it's manufactured by Edirol! (The UA-25.) The price is right for the feature set. I also highly recommend the Audio-Technical 825 stereo mic, which is the ultimate in portability! A laptop, audio interface, and stereo mic easily fit in a backpack. The setup is great for capturing events and rehearsals. Grab the studio in a backpack, a mic stand and you're off.

Conclusion:: WARNING! The Edirol FA-66 sound card does not work with a Dell Inspiron D610 and CompUSA PC-card Firewire adapter (See original problem details).

My apologies to Edirol. However, telling me to buy another computer was very poor customer service.

Ultimately, it was cheaper to buy another card, which resulted in purchasing another Edirol product!! I wasted the entire store return policy period trying to resolve interface issues with the FA-66. Edirol could have made a very happy customer and offered to replace it with the new, cheaper USB model that was just being released. Instead, I'm a disgruntled customer for the headache the company put me through. Shame on them.

Recording Experience

The UA-25 worked flawlessly with the Dell system and Cubase. Dispite my initial bad experience, I find the feature set quite useful. BTW, I gave the FA-66 to a frend and it works fine on several of his systems so it must have been a Dell integration thing.