Lovers in Bronze. From storefront display, NOLA 2006.

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Welcome to the Eulipia picture gallery. The image size and resolution of all photographs has been reduced for fast web viewing. For privacy and security, no names are mentioned ~ but you know who you are! If you would like a high-res version, please let me know...


Convergence 12: New Orleans, LA
April 14-18, 2006 (99 Pictures). What a great trip! As you know, I love the Goth/Industrial scene. Here's some shot's from our trip. NOLA was still suffering while we were down there, but the show must go on - and it did, quite successfully. The event was well attended and the organizers did a great job. It was a lot of fun! The picture, below is a panorama view of the Mississippi from our hotel window...

Baked Fresh Daily - Montclair Music Festival
July 2006 (15 pictures). BFD is a talented band from Montclair, NJ. They played at a street festival hosted by the city.


Lucky Socks At Tierney's Tavern
Friday, June 3, 2005 (Actually, none taken or donated so far. Sorry!) Special thanks to everyone who came out to see us! ~If you have any pictures you want to share, please contact one of the band members.


My Graduation
May 18, 2004 (5 pictures). These were taken at my home. It was a wonderful evening. I am blessed with some very good friends.

Aldo's Hideaway Dance Club: After the Fire
August 8, 2004 (5 pictures). This was my favorite dance club for many years. I was there the night before the fire (Friday), hanging with DJ Ted and friends. I returned with a good friend of mine two nights later (Sunday), for a night cap... only to find a burnt out shell! My friend was even more devistated than I. He and his friends had been going there since it opened, in 1977! I joined them in the early 80's. We will truely miss this dump.

Postnote: I stopped by Aldo's one last time today (8/15/04) for one last picture of the rubble.

Footnote: Pictures of the actual fire were taken by a professional news photographer. Fourty of these shots have been posted to the Traxx Lounge Dance Club website. The proprieters of the dance club put together a slide show exhibit of the complete set of pictures that was displayed on the dance floor for a couple of weeks after the sad event. Traxx appears to be the new home of the Aldo's crowd, including the DJ's, bouncers and bartenders. It's a smaller space, overall, but cool. I'll be stopping in every now and then.

Exploring Niagara Falls & Toronto
August 18-21, 2004 (40 pictures). Another wonderful trip to a new city. The pictures of Niagara Falls, from both sides of the river are pretty good, but one has to visit this mighty work of nature to really appreciate it. Toronto is a very modern city that has not forsaken it's heritage. Original architecture was preserved religiously and even encorporated into new works. There are also photo's from a museum visit. The view from our hotel room window, 13 stories up, was spectacular. Here is a low res panoramic view, using multiple camera shots.The island is a few miles off the shores of Toronto. On the north end (left) is a small artist's village. The center of the island is a national park. On the south end (right) is an airport for light craft. Three ferry's shuttle visitors to each area, from dawn to midnight. They egress behind the hotel, right under these windows. In any given moment one would see dozen's of pleasure boats meandering about, tour boats, small planes and an occasional small jet landing or taking off, and the ferries going to and from their destinations.

High Res version (4650x1500 pixels, 350K, 3-5 minute download by 56K modem)

7th Annual Nyoda Music Festival
November 11, 2004 (55 pictures). My first time participating in this yearly event. It's a bungalow-style camp ground for children normally, but once a year the owner and friends throw a music festival. There are two stages: One for classic rockers and the other for more progressive tastes. There was lots of activities for the younger kids (and the young at heart) during the day, and plenty of live music for the older kids from the afternoon until the wee hours of the morning. The music project I am currently involved with played under the name of "The Juligans." It was a wonderful day of fun - and great music, too!


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